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Cubs Legoland 2022

Cubs Legoland 2022

On Saturday 7th May 2022 over 1,200 Cubs & Leaders from all over Kent in 23 Coaches went to Legoland for the day.

"It was the day, I woke up earlier than planned but it was the day we all had been looking forward to some time. Once all sorted we headed down to Maidstone services to get the bus to Legoland!

As we all waited the buses arrived and our bus captain appeared to make sure we had the right number of people and onto the bus and off we went.

It was a good trip for us and once our tickets where collected, wrist band attached we were in!

The day started with a short rain shower but after then the weather was great.

We went on so many rides and saw and spoke to so many other packs I lost count. We met the Cub team often as they took pictures of us and checked we were having a good time.

I saw someone being invested there, what a great idea.

My favourite part was mini land, so clever. Before we knew it was 5 o’clock and we were in our way home.

Did not realise there was 1,200 Cubs on 23 coaches. We met some other Cubs from a different county that where also there.

What a great day, cannot wait till the next adventure."

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