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Best Air Camp Ever 2023

BEST EVER” was the (albeit prompted) response by the Scouts and leaders that attended the 2023 Air Camp held at Old Hay Airfield over the weekend of 10-12 June.

“A really great camp” was the feedback from one of the leaders of the 7 groups from across Kent* that brought over 100 Scouts and Explorers together to experience a whole range of activities in a brilliant setting with sunshine and lots of smiling faces.

The camp badge featured the Pegasus in keeping with the logo of the Kent Scout Microlight Team (KSMT) and the type of aircraft owned by Kent Scouts with other mythical flying creatures (Dragon, Griffin, Manticore, Phoenix, Sphinx, Thunderbird and Wyvern) provided the squad names. Goody bags were given to each scout at the start including their own programme, a water bottle and other goodies. Unique art work for the badge and programmes was produced by Eleanor, one of the Microlight Team.

The KSMT had been organising the event for around 10 months with help from members of the County Team and others from within and outside of scouting. Parts of the airfield had been specially mown to make room for the camping and some of the activities. Old Hay is a lovely quiet location where Scouts can have fun without upsetting anyone.

There was plenty of space for the 5th Dartford group to run archery and shooting activities and the Kent Scout (Lower Grange Farm) Rocket and Kite teams were also able to give Scouts their unique experiences. Significant thanks go to the members of those teams and all those who gave up their time to provide the activities including the young members of the MT who were tireless throughout the weekend . A special mention also for Andy Trill for coming along to help with the organisation and our ‘tech’ guy, Stuart.

With the help of some extra pilots and extra planes, every Scout that wanted to had a taster flight in either a flexwing aircraft or a fixed wing microlight. Scouts were also able to experience the KSMT’s ‘ground school hangar tour’ to achieve the requirements for the unique Kent Microlight badge.

On Saturday evening the whole camp came together for pizza and cake, some impressive fancy dress and (a particular highlight for many) a silent disco (run by KSMT teenage DJs).

It was a hot weekend and with the dry grass John and Jane Gurnett were on hand to administer First Aid when required. Overall the camp was a unique lifetime experience that those attending will not forget.

Can we better ‘the Best Ever’? Next time maybe even more activities?

* 1st Herne Bay, 1st Lyminge, 1st Whitstable, 5th Dartford, 14th Royal Tunbridge Wells, 17th Tonbridge and 20th Gillingham.

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